8585042706612-EXItrek-Roxion 45L

Backpack Exitrek 45 litres, very helpful for longer trips, for example when I fly by low-cost airlines I prefer backpack rather than small luggage.


Backpack Dakine Helipro 25 litres, perfect for shorter trips because its size. I bought it for skiing, since it has a lot of different types of straps for skis or snowboard, etc.

DJI Mavic Pro is my latest toy and definitely the greatest one. There are no words to describe what this thing can do… Amazing shots without any difficulty to fly it.

Asus zenbook prime

Asus Zenbook Prime is my reliable and very powerful friend wherever and whenever I need to write an article, edit photos or videos or just browse internet.

Cell phone nowadays is as important as any pc or camera combined so I am really happy to enjoy my Samsung S20 with great camera which helps me capture some shots on the go.

My favorite travel gear is my GoPro Hero 7 black edition. Perfect for action videos on snow, under water or just for any kind of filming. New wide angle fish eye effect is amazing and makes videos and pictures much cooler than normal camera.

Sony Alpha A5100 is great mirrorless camera which combines the quality of SLR camera in body of compact one. Great tool for traveling. Quality of photos is amazing.

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