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Every country has a specific taste and there is probably nobody who doesn’t like to try new local foods. In my case it wasn’t any different in Colombia. I was really surprised to find out that Colombians love soups. Other big deal are “empanadas”, kind of stuffed bread fried or baked served in many varieties. Almost every plate I tried was served with fried banana and avocado which was so delicious. On the other hand some of typical Colombian national meals consist of pretty heavy foods like bacon, sausage or beans. So let’s see some examples of Colombian food plates.

Trout with prawns and cheese in TOP rated local restaurant in Guatape.
One of many fruit stalls in the streets of Cartagena offering huge avocados
Prawn soup
Merengon. I haven’t tried it but it was enormous and tasty looking.
Lomo de res. Amazingly tasty beef we tried in Bogota in great restaurant called Andres carne de res.
local-fish in Cartagena
Local fish we ordered in such a local restaurant in Cartagena that we were basically eating in someones living room.
Not sure how its cold but probably just huge corn Colombians like to eat on the streets.
Frozen mango we tried in Medellin. A bit salty taste but pretty refreshing.
Famous empanadas as an appetizer in Andres carne de res in Bogota.
Aqua de panela. Water from unrefined whole cane sugar. Usually served with bread and cheese. Very strange combination indeed.
Ajiaco is another traditional Colombian food served with rice and avocado. Inside the soup you can find potatos, corn and meet.
Bandeja paisa, the national food of Colombia. This is not the complete plate but already has a tons of calories. I dont recommend to eat it alone and especially not for dinner.
Burger with guacamole we ordered in Salento.
Burrito with beef, avocado and banana chips and arepa with beef, avocado and tomato. Probably one of my all time favorites. Restaurant called Lulo, No.1 in Tripadvisor.
Cabeza de gato, or Cats head was a tasty starter.
Ceviche, although typical Peruvian food is very famous in Colombia.
Different types of arepas. It is a perfect Colombian food which can be eaten for example for brunch.


Richard Jančovič

Richard Jančovič

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