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For some time already I had an Asia trip stuck in my head. Didn’t know when and where to go, just knew I will go. In May we finally got to know my girlfriend’s holiday dates, so we didn’t hesitate and start looking for some trips to do. Checking and calculating different destinations in Europe we found out that it is just not worth it staying in Europe anymore. So I started looking for flights to Asia. After a few days of research we were lucky owners of Emirates flight tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Dubai. Our biggest adventure so far was just a few months away.

Kuala Lumpur

Our long journey to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia started in Prague. From there we flew to Dubai where we had a 10-hour layover at the airport. While flying we made some new friends from Czech Republic living in Australia. After some shots and wines flight was much faster and more interesting. Once we got to Dubai airport we went for a beer together and talked more so finally our layover shrinked to 7 hours. Our second flight to Kuala Lumpur took 7 hours which in Emirates airplanes is like nothing with the ICE entertainment system and limitless alcoholic drinks and excellent food. We wished for longer flight to enjoy all the goodies to the fullest.

Emirates Boeing 777
Our Emirates Boeing 777 Prague-Dubai

After landing safely in Kuala Lumpur we found our baggage and went to buy a bus tickets because the airport is about 1 hour from the Kuala Lumpur city centre. Since there are no metro trains after 11 30pm we had to take a taxi. Taxis are waiting outside but you pay the amount depending on where you go inside at taxi counter and they give u a receipt and show you your driver so you don’t have to discuss the price later or you don’t get ripped off by a driver.

Kuala Lumpur
Sign showing umbrella roof against rain ahead

Our first accommodation in Malaysia was Amigos KL guest house which I found to be very good rated both on booking.com and tripadvisor. Well, until we saw the room… It was very basic, which we are totally ok with but sheets and blankets were quite dirty and I guess both of us expected a bit more. I decided not to do anything else just to go to sleep after a long flight and long day traveling and that was pretty much the best option.

Merdeka square
Rain caught us on Merdeka square

The next morning we woke up, went for a breakfast and hungry for new adventures and experience we headed out for Kuala Lumpur. The most confusing for me was the driving. They drive on the left side as well as all the elevators, escalators and trains go from other side, not like we are used to in Europe. But the biggest difference was the weather. You must be prepared for extremely humid weather, where you have to drink a lot because you are going to sweat a lot also.

Masjid Jamek mosque
Man resting at Masjid Jamek mosque

Our first stop in Kuala Lumpur was a Masjid Jamek mosque which we found accidentally just walking after getting off the train. It was pretty early morning so it wasn’t crowded at all. A nice man in entrance was giving cloaks to people to cover their knees and shoulders before entering the mosque. Inside the mosque a short woman started telling us some insights about Muslim culture in Malaysia. Malay people can’t read Arabic but they memorize all the prayers by heart which they pray 5 times a day.

KL China town
China town in Kuala Lumpur

After a short stop at Masjid Jamek mosque we found a China town. Very nice decorated street full of shops selling whatever you want. From what I saw it was mostly shoes, clothes and of course food everywhere. While choosing our lunch in china town, the rain had just started…luckily we were inside but had no clue if to wait there or just go. We bought our raincoats just minutes before going to eat which was a smart choice… It stopped raining as fast as it started so all took just a few minutes so I didn’t even use my raincoat.

KL bird park
KL Bird park

From China town we walked about 15min to national mosque which was closed at the time because it has a special opening hours every other hour, so we continued to KL birds park, World’s Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary. We didn’t turn how we were supposed to so instead of a short walk we ended up walking around the whole park in extremely humid weather and all the palm trees around didn’t help neither. So finally when we got there it was a must-do attraction for us. While wandering throughout the park with different types of birds flying around you it had started raining again and later again but it was ok there are places to hide from rain. 

I LOVE Kuala Lumpur
KL love sign near city gallery on Merdeka square

After a bird park again back to national mosque (Masjid Negara) which opens every other hour. After a short visit where we were given cloaks to cover our legs, shoulders and girls also hair, we left the mosque to go to Merdeka square where you can find the typical I LOVE sign, in this case I LOVE KL. It was already raining a lot and we knew we have to look for free public transport pink bus GOKL which circulates the city for free so the people leave the cars at home and rather take a bus to work. Maria saw it first and bravely started running towards the bus in the heavy traffic and rain. Thankfully the bus stopped and we were able to get on.

Petronas towers
Petronas towers

The evening was reserved to visit the iconic Petronas twin towers, which were the tallest buildings in the world during 1998-2004 and now still remain the tallest twin towers in the world. No need to explain why they are the icons of Kuala Lumpur. They must be visited during night because that’s the time where you can really enjoy the views. Behind the towers there was a fountain show going on which was very colourful, but a bit boring after a while so we decided to go to the front where hundreds of people were taking pictures with towers. We are not a professional photographers so it was pretty difficult to take a good night shot. For a while we just laid down and enjoyed the views from the bottom. It was something really spectacular.

Batu Caves

Our second day started off by going to Batu Caves. 2RM a ticket in a train going to Batu Caves which are situated in Gombak district, 13km north of Kuala Lumpur city centre. I was a bit worried it was going to be crowded but was not that bad… First we visited Ramayana cave which is located right next to the train station and in front of which is a 15m tall statue of Hanuman and a temple dedicated to Hanuman.

Batu CavesBatu CavesBatu CavesBatu Caves

After visiting first cave we walked a bit and got in front of the Batu Caves main complex consisting of the main temple cave and more smaller ones on the top of 272 steps you have to pass first to get to the top. It was not that difficult at all, just the monkeys were bothering people and trying to steal anything they could. You must be very careful where you store your belongings, phones, wallets or just snacks and water. Definitely the most impressive and interesting to eyes is a 42,7m high statue of lord Murugan, unveiled in January 2006. Batu Caves are one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India.

Little India Kuala Lumpur

While getting back from Batu caves we didn’t have much time to go to far places so just walking and discovering area around KL Sentral station. We found some nice streets to take pics of as well as India part I guess where everything was alive and colourful. So after 2 nights and 2 days in KL we headed back to KL airport to board on Airasia flight to Penang island just 45 minute flight northwest of KL. Airasia is low-cost company operating in Asia and part of Australia. We got these flights for about 15eur each which was pretty much the same price like a bus, but didn’t take 8 hours… First flight with Airasia was very pleasant, with friendly flight attendant, enough legroom and a nice plane.


Richard Jančovič

Richard Jančovič

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