Lomnicky peak, High Tatras, Slovakia

Lomnicky peak offers stunning views of High Tatras.

Our Slovak mountains High Tatras are amazingly beautiful that’s nothing new, but when you add clear skies with bright sun, reasonable temperature above 5 degrees Celsius, no wind and first weekend of spring with outdoor BBQ, Skalnate Pleso in High Tatras is a place to be.

e were pretty lucky to welcome spring in High Tatras with such a beautiful weather. Finally after 2 attempts to get to the second highest peak of Slovakia, Lomnicky peak, our third try was a success. I am not talking about climbing or hiking but taking a cableway up. It is actually more adrenalin than you can imagine. But step by step. To get to the Skalnate Pleso you have to take 2 cableways from the village of Tatranska Lomnica. After approx. 18-minute ride you reach station Skalnate pleso where we headed for spring BBQ party, some live music and of course some beer. We got all we wished for. Atmosphere was truly amazing, like always if there is a good weather. Lots of people enjoying spring skiing, but I guess even more enjoying a beer on the sun. We joined the rest of the people and started to drink some beers as well as free becherovka give away and waiting for our turn to enter the cableway to the Lomnicky peak.

inversion under the High Tatras peaks
Amazing view of inversion in High Tatras peaks

Way up to the Lomnicky peak is extremely steep and with the cableway getting closer to us my adrenalin started to grow. I have done this route twice already while being a kid, but I can still remember how scared I was when I entered a small cabin for approx. 12 persons. In just 8 minutes you get from 1.754 meters above the sea level to 2.634 meters. On the top there is a weather station as well as small hotel and bar obviously. We got 50-minute break to enjoy those stunning views of both Slovak and Polish part of High Tatras. There was a view point on which some Polish tourists were pretty scared to go to. If you are afraid of heights I could definitely understand you wouldn’t even think about it, but for the rest of people it is an amazing place to see the beauty of Tatras’ peaks, enjoy the freedom and take some cool pictures just like everybody else. Lomnicky peak is truly an amazing place to be visited at least once in a lifetime. We got very lucky as I mentioned already, that we were blessed with such a great views and calm winds. There have been cases, when tourists got up, but had to spend a night or two there because of sudden change of the weather which is nothing unusual. As fast as we got up we also returned back to reality yet full of great experience with a smile on the face 🙂

Richard Jančovič

Richard Jančovič

My name is Richard Jančovič and I am a travel addict from beautiful country called Slovakia. Although full-time employed, I try to spend all my free time traveling. So far I have visited 41 countries, met a lot of amazing people and experienced many adventures.

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