Penang, island with art, culture and food spirit.

To see as much as possible in Malaysia we had to move quite a lot so as in Kuala Lumpur also in Penang we stayed only for 2 days and 2 nights. Our plans were a bit different from reality, but that’s life and especially that’s the rainy season in Malaysia so we didn’t rent a motorbike like we wanted and neither we saw some other attractions like Penang hill or Kek Lok Si Temple the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia.

Street Art

So instead of visiting Penang Hill and Buddhist temple, we visited a George Town which is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Street Art is a must visit place where all the paintings are based. In 2012 a Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic was invited to George Town to make its streets a bit more exciting to walk by. He painted different paintings which dragged tourists to streets of George Town and changed its character.

Chew Jetty

Very close to Street Art is located a Chew Jetty also an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Chew Jetty is a waterfront society consisting of different Chinese clans. Each jetty is named after a different Chinese clan. The Chew Jetty is the most touristic with the longest walkway. These houses on water are more than a century old. Most of them sell souvenirs in their front rooms.

Getting up in our hostel E.T. guest house was easier than I expected…around 5am not quite sure maybe even earlier started their prayers so was like listening to a loud music for the whole area but sooo early. Then, when it finally finished around 8am, workers on construction site which was right under our window started working, digging and whatever… As on 1st day the same on the second one, a huge downpour in the morning, so instead of workers digging we listened to rain dropping on our roof. But still quite a magical place to stay at. I must admit that the staff was very helpful and sympathetic.

Penang beach

Penang beach

Hostel was situated just a few steps from the beach which was just like how I imagined it. Ocean, sand and right there small huts and palms. It certainly wasn’t the most beautiful beach with clearest water but was different than what I was used to. Not crowded with tourists, no umbrellas, no bars on every meter, just a few locals and of course some of us tourists but nothing compare to Europe. I guess it looks different during high season in November, December or January.

Penang beach

Second day after a 5 hour rain finally finished we headed to beach. We took a short walk till the end where was a nice spot for some not ordinary beach pictures. I have to mention that a dog was kindly following us all the way there and back and even trying to protect us from other dogs or cats. Once we got back sun finally showed up and was shining for the rest of the day until around 6 pm when we took our luggage and left E.T. guest house to take a night bus going to Kuala Besut and from there by boat to Perhentian Kecil island.




Richard Jančovič

Richard Jančovič

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