Since 2015 I have decided to add pictures of people I have met while travelling. Most of them are my couchsurfing hosts or guests but also holiday resorts owners or tourist guides.


Big thanks to our guides on Mt. Kilimanjaro who not even helped us to successfully climb the highest mountain in Africa but became also good friends. Paulo and Abdala were really great guides and the best people we could possibly ask for on the mountain. (Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, February 2017)

On the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro at 5.895 with my dad and our guides Paulo and Abdala.


After our successful climb to Mt. Kilimanjaro we had 3 days to spare and to explore areas around Moshi town. We spent 2 nights in very nice hotel where we met Esther and Walter who work there and were the best and friendliest hotel staff I’ve ever met. We went together for dinner and to disco to get drunk even during their shift 🙂 (Moshi, Tanzania, February 2017)

Me, Esther, my dad Pavol and Walter in a disco bar in Moshi


We did couchsurfing in Medellin and Andres, our host in the middle surprised us with more guests which we made friends right away and hang out the first night. On the right side is Franko, couchsurfer from Peru, then Maria, Andres in our Slovak T-shirt and Maria, other couchsurfer from Russia. (Medellin, Colombia, August 2016)

Couchsurfing in Medellin, Colombia
Couchsurfing in Medellin, Colombia


Ederm, our new police friend approached us in Cartagena willing to explain all the history of the city. He is actually a famous police-guide in the city who accompanied the president of Mexico as a guide during his visit in Cartagena. (Cartagena, Colombia, August 2016)

Police-guide in Cartagena, Colombia
Police-guide in Cartagena, Colombia


We met by coincidence in the local bar in Cartagena where he used to live before he left for USA. We were invited to drink with locals and we talked a lot throughout the night. (Cartagena, Colombia, August 2016)

Local man from our street in Cartagena.
Local man from our street in Cartagena.


I met Tomas during our 3-day mountain survival camp in Austrian Alps. He was my room mate in our snow hole we made together and where we slept for 2 nights trying to escape the cold weather in the night. (Semmering Rax, Austria, January 2016)

Semmering Rax snow hole camping
Semmering Rax snow hole camping


Chan was our tour guide on a moto trip to Phnom Kulen national park and various villages north of Siem reap. A local Cambodian who told us a lot about the culture, people and country itself. (Phnom Kulen, Cambodia, December 2015)

Phnom Kulen national park, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Our tour guide Chan in Phnom Kulen national park.


We met with Omer by coincidence at a restaurant in Siem Reap. After a tasty diner and funny conversation we spent the whole New Year’s eve together dancing on the streets of Siem Reap. (Siem Reap, Cambodia, January 2016)

New Year Siem Reap Cambodia
Welcoming New Year with Omer on the streets of Siem Reap.


Robbie was an amazing host who made us feel like home from the first second we got onto the island. I have never seen such a friendly, talkative and joyful guy. We had a great time surrounded by great people, tasty food and beautiful nature. (Koh Rong, Cambodia, december 2015)

Coconut beach bungalows, Koh Rong
Robbie, the owner of Coconut beach bungalows resort on Koh Rong island.


Ben, Lea and Sarah were some of the great people we met in Coconut beach bungalows on Koh Rong island. We spent some quality time together talking or even enjoying some cool places like the village in the picture and its beautiful sunset. (Koh Rong, Cambodia, December 2015)

Fishing village, Koh Rong
Ben, Lea, Sarah, Maria and me watching sunset in local fishing village on Koh Rong.


We met with Win on the plane from Moscow to Bangkok. While flying we talked about his country Myanmar as well as about Spain and Slovakia. He was a great company on such a long-haul flight. (Bangkok, Thailand, December 2015)

meeting at Bangkok airport
Win, Maria and after 8-hour flight from Moscow to Bangkok.


Yair was my host  in the capital of Denmark and prepared delicious diner for me and his friends for Jewish new year. (Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2015)

Yair and me in his flat in Copenhagen
Yair and me in his flat in Copenhagen


Shaun hosted me in his dormitory during my Swedish trip, showed me around the city of Lund and we had a great time listening to some good music. (Lund, Sweden, September 2015)

Couchsurfing in Lund
Shaun showing me around his student city


I stayed with Chloe (left), Moa and Leif (not in the picture) during my short trip to Sweden and Denmark. Due to a bad weather we spent most of the time talking. (Lomma, Sweden, September 2015)

Couchsurfing in Sweden
Chloe, Moa and me in the house in Lomma.


Me and Maria hosted our first couchsurfer in this year Jasmin from Finland. (Topolcany, Slovakia, May 2015)

Jasmin, Finland
Jasmin, me and Maria in our flat in Topolcany.


Me and Maria having a drink with our host Arina and other couchsurfer Dmitriy who showed us the city sights. (Moscow, Russia, April 2015)

Arina and Dmitriy
From right to left – Dmitriy, Arina, Maria and me having a drink.


Yanan was my couchsurfing host in Tbilisi as well as a good guide while discovering the city. (Tbilisi, Georgia, January 2015)

Yanan, Chinese guy living in Tbilisi
Yanan, Chinese guy living in Tbilisi

Nick is from Tbilisi and we met also via couchsurfing, when after me posting a message about going out for a beer he replied and showed me some cool bars and places in Tbilisi. (Tbilisi, Georgia, January 2015)

Nick, Georgian guy from Tbilisi
Nick, Georgian guy from Tbilisi

I met Semih in Tbilisi via couchsurfing forum, where he offered to explore the city with me since he was alone there as well. (Tbilisi, Georgia, January 2015)

Semih from Turkey
Semih from Turkey


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