Patagonia 2020

After two great trips with my father to Tanzania taking on Kilimanjaro and a year later the ascent to the base camp of Mardi Himal in Nepal, after more than a year of rest, another joint adventure began to form in my head. Africa and Asia have already been visited and thanks to the ideal […]

Mardi Himal base camp trek Nepal

Mardi Himal base camp trek in Nepal.

It didn’t take long and after successful hike to Mt. Kilimanjaro I and my father decided to change African continent for something different. So after 14 months from our first serious trek outside Slovakia we selected Himalayas in Nepal to be our next big adventure. To be more specific we chose less known trek to […]

Taipei 101

20-hour layover in Taipei city.

Many people don’t like long layovers and try to travel directly if possible. On the way back from Sydney we could choose different layover times so we went for the longest one which was 20 hours. Long layover is the best way to visit the country or the city in this case. I knew that Taiwan […]