BUDGET  Huge community of great people sharing their couches for other travellers for free. I have been hosting and surfing and meeting a lot of great people as well as making a lot of new friends Similar to couchsurfing except for pay-to-stay base. You can rent anything from one room to whole apartment  Similar to couchsurfing except for pay-to-stay base  Guide to sleeping at airports  Home exchange, “live like a local” experience House sitting website
HOSTELS  One of the largest hostel search engines  One of the largest hostel search engines  Hostel search engine


AIR TRAVEL my personal favorite search engine  budget flights around Europe, combines low cost carriers  great travel deals from Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary or Austria  airfare search engine for Europe  budget airlines list  tells you time and length of your flight  last minute airfares travel deals


GROUND TRAVEL  worldwide passenger transportation  carpooling  carpooling, I myself use this website very often in Spain. You get to meet a great people  Central Europe bus line


DESTINATION GUIDES AND TRAVEL COMMUNITY  All you need to know about your destination Wikipedia for travelling  Sharing travel tips, adventures and experience Ultimate packing list, by travellers, for travellers